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Jul 30th
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Case Studies

Ubuntu Linux powers IT Infrastructure at Calthorpe group of companies in Dubai.

Ubuntu Linux powers IT Infrastructure at Calthorpe group of companies in Dubai.
  • Client : Calthorpe Group of Real estate companies – Calthorpe Real Estate, Maharaja Real Estate & The Numberone Real state.
  • Activities : Real estate development and marketing
  • No of users : Approx. 80
  • Internet gateway : Business one Lines at all 3 offices.
  • Server OS : Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Server
  • Server platform – Rogue Penguin SBS server

The Challenge

The Calthorpe group of companies have been investing into the UAE real estate for the past 2-3 years. Many of their projects are nearing completion and are ready to be made available on the market to retail investors and end users.

To ensure that the company is able to respond well to the responses from the market and to ensure that the level of service to the clients are maintained at a high level, it was important that the IT infrastructure of the company is modern, stable and secure.

A stable communication and IT network was key to ensuring optimum productivity and response from the staff. At the same time the company was keen on maintaining the cost within reasonable limits.

As the company leverages on the Internet to enable it's communications, it was very important to ensure a smooth integration of the company network to the Internet, keeping it secure from external threats.

As the sales staff are expected to be mobile and are out of the office very often, it was important to provide them tools to remain connected to the office while on the move.

The Solution

Though all the 3 companies fall under the Calthorpe group umbrella, they operate independently from geographically separated offices. So the proposed IT infrastructure had to be duplicated at all the 3 locations.

Based on the advise from NGIT and subsequent evaluation, Linux was chosen as the preferred platform because of it's stability, security and cost savings. As the client machines were already in place running Windows desktops, the solution had to fit in well and operate seamlessly with the existing Windows systems.

Ubuntu 8.04 LTS server was used as the OS for building the server. Ubuntu with it's wide adoption and emphasis on stability and security is an ideal choice for running any mission critical enterprise services. Moreover with the LTS version, support for upto 5 years is ensured. The Rogue Penguin SMB server provided all the required services as single install making the multiple deployments standard and less time consuming.

Samba services with OpenLDAP directory provided a Domain Controller for the Windows Desktops. The desktops users could use the file server and domain login services seamlessly without realizing that the server at the other end was Linux.

Combination of Postfix, Dovecot, Mailscanner, ClamAV, Spamassassin, Fetchmail and Procmail provided a formidable mailing solution capable of handling the total communication requirements of the companies with ease.

E-groupware seamlessly integrated with the directory and mail servers provided a feature packed Groupware accessible from anywhere via any standards based browser. Addition of SyncML capability provided tools for synchronizing the Groupware with desktop clients like Outlook and mobile devices.

The Linux based Endian UTM appliance provides security and secure SSL VPN for the networks so that the users can remain connected from within and outside the network. Endian also provides web proxy services and gateway filtering of all the Internet traffic to keep the network secure and safe.


  • Windows domain controller & File server
  • Relay mail server -virus and spam filtering, POP, IMAP. SMTP
  • Groupware server with SyncML support
  • LDAP directory for centralized authentication
  • Data backup
  • Proxy server


  • Firewall
  • External access to mail and groupware over dynamic IP
  • VPN over dynamic IP
  • Hosted mail server for receiving inbound mail and routing outbound mails.

Mandriva Linux based enterprise IT infrastructure for Unilever Iran.

  • Client : Unilever Iran
  • Activities : One of the world's largest FMCG company, which produces and markets over 400 brands spanning 14 categories of home, personal care and food products. The company's brand portfolio includes favourites such as Lipton, Knorr, Dove and Omo.
  • No of users : Approx. 100
  • Active domains : ,
  • Internet gateway : 2 Leased line at HO and one leased line at the factory.
  • Server OS : Mandriva Linux
  • Client OS : Mandriva Linux

Linux based proxy server and gateway for Information Technology Publishing (ITP), Dubai

  • Client : Information Technology Publishing (ITP)
  • Activities : Largest business and consumer magazine publisher in the Middle East, with a wide range of market-leading titles covering almost all major areas of interest.
  • No of users : more than 400
  • Active domains : ,
  • Internet gateway : One Leased line and four ADSL lines from Etisalat
  • Client OS : Mix flavors of Windows

Linux enterprise networking solution for Pan Arab Research Centre (PARC), Dubai

  • Client : Pan Arab Research Centre(PARC)
  • Activities : Media research, Polls and surveys, Commissioned research
  • No of users : 90 in main office and 25 in the branch offices
  • Active domains :
  • Internet gateway : ADSL from Etisalat
  • Client OS : Predominantly windows 98 & ME with a less than 5 XP machines.

Linux based mail server for Dahbashi Engineering, Dubai

  • Client : Dahbashi Engineering
  • Activities : Repair, service and spare parts for Heavy equipment
  • No of users : 40 in main office and 10 in the branch offices
  • Active domains :
  • Internet gateway : Dial up ISDN from Etisalat
  • Client OS : Mix flavors of Windows
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CRM ImplementationNetwork Gulf has done an excellent job by recommending and implementing the CRM system for our office. It has greatly improved our co-ordination and enables us to better manage our customer facing activities.

We had absolutely no disruption to our work and our staff had not difficulty in learning to use it. I am able to sit in my office and get a real time snapshot of all things happening around the company, thanks to Network Gulf.

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